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Thursday, January 23, 20The Inventor of the Global Warming Hockey Stick Doubles Down
By S. Fred Singer January 21, 2014
Professor Michael Mann, the inventor of the Hockeystick temperature graph, had a contentious editorial essay in the January 17th issue of the New York Times. [The Hockeystick graph purports to show that temperatures of the last thousand years declined steadily -- until the 20th century, when there was a sudden large rise.]
I am using the word "inventor" on purpose, since the Hockeystick is a manufactured item and does not correspond to well-established historic reality. It does not show the generally beneficial Medieval Warm Period (MWP) at around 1000 AD, or the calamitous Little Ice Age (LIA) between about 1400 and 1800. In the absence of any thermometers during most of this period, the Hockeystick is based on an analysis of so-called proxy data, mostly tree rings, from before 1000 AD to 1980, where the proxy temperature suddenly stops and a rapidly rising thermometer record is joined on.
Since its publication in 1998 and 1999, the hockeystick graph has had a turbulent history. It was adopted by the IPCC (UN-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in its 3rd Assessment Report (2001) to support the claim of a major anthropogenic global warming (AGW) during the 20th century. Since then, the IPCC has distanced itself from the graph, which has been completely discredited.....To Read More......

The Continuing Chronicles of Mann
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Mann Sycophant: ‘There is a trend to threaten climate science promoters with death, imprisonment, execution, etc’
An Epic Week of Success For PSI
It’s been an extraordinary week for PSI both in the news and behind the scenes. A dramatic twist in a high profile lawsuit, the publication of a new paper set to trigger a scientific paradigm shift, plus a membership surge bringing eminent scientists into the fold - including one Nobel Science Prize nominee.
The biggest media story concerns developments in the Climategate scandal involving disgraced Penn. State University researcher, Dr. Michael Mann and our very own chairman, Dr. Timothy Ball. It seems Ball is on the brink of a sensational courtroom victory over Mann, who first stole onto the world stage thanks to his ‘hockey stick’ graph trumpeted across the world in 2001 by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Mann’s graph was widely cited as the smoking gun proving catastrophic man-made global warming.
Temperatures boiled over when Ball fearlessly declared that Mann belongs “in the state pen, not Penn. State.” That quip incensed the thin-skinned Mann into filing a libel suit against Ball in the British Columbia Supreme Court, Canada.
Hard to believe that was almost 18 months ago! But now the tables have turned and last Friday Mann was exposed for the crime of perjury. It transpired that he lied when making sworn statements under oath that he was a co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize alongside former Vice President, Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC.
Climate scientist Michael Mann sues over comparison to child molester

Controversial climate scientist Michael Mann, who helped raise global warming’s profile by representing temperatures as a rapidly escalating “hockey stick,” has filed a defamation lawsuit against skeptics at the National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

I Will Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down
By Rich Kozlovich

Breaking: Climate Scientist Michael Mann Lawyers Up after Penn State Child Sex Link
Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University today (July 21, 2012) announced his intention to pursue legal action against The National Review Online (NRO) and popular right-wing writer, Mark Steyn over their article `Football and Hockey.'
Today I'm launching a fund and I wonder whether anyone would like to contribute. Please, I implore you all, PLEASE chip in to help finance Professor Michael Mann's suit for defamation against sinister, right-wing Canadian climate-change denier Mark Steyn and the fascist-denialist organ for which Steyn writes, National Review Online!
More on Mikey Versus...? Well, Take Your Pick!
For my regular readers I apologize for not posting since Wednesday. Unfortunately I

Climate High-Sticking: The Unmanly Mann
Oh this is going to be fun. Michael Mann—he of the iconic climate change “hockey stick” that purports to prove man-made climate change by displaying how global temperature is at its highest level in 2000 years (somehow making the Medieval warm period disappear)—is threatening to sue National Review and Mark Steyn (and perhaps Peter Wood of the National Association of Scholars) for libel for questioning whether Penn State’s exoneration of Mann over the “Climategate” scandal was as self-serving as their investigation of Jerry Sandusky. Rand Simberg wrote in a blogpost post that “Mann could be said to be the Jerry Sandusky of climate science, except that instead of molesting children, he has molested and tortured data in the service of politicized science that could have dire economic consequences for the nation and planet.”…. As we see now with Mann, people from his scientific circle can dish it out to people like Lomborg, but can’t take it….. As I say, deposing this entire happy band of climateers will be great fun.

Get Lost - My response to Michael Mann
So, as you might have heard, Michael Mann of Climategate infamy is threatening to sue us. Mann is upset — very, very upset — with this Mark Steyn Corner post, which had the temerity to call Mann’s hockey stick “fraudulent.” The Steyn post was mild compared with other things that have been said about the notorious hockey stick, and, in fact, it fell considerably short of an item about Mann published elsewhere that Steyn quoted in his post…… He’s going to go to great trouble and expense to embark on a losing cause that will expose more of his methods and maneuverings to the world. In short, he risks making an ass of himself. But that hasn’t stopped him before.

Zone of Reality: Mann Versus Ball

On Sunday I posted "I Will Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down" discussing these lawsuits by Mann against Ball and Steyn. I was watching this from the beginning but nothing happened for quite a while. It is surely now coming to a head. John O'Sullivan has posted some worthwhile information succinctly outlining the issues and what appears to me to be an eventual outcome that can only be devastating to the hucksters of global warming, the socalled 96% of scientists who concur with their views, the governments of the world who have jumped on this bandwagon and the IPCC....Oh....and Mann too!

New SLAAPstick Courtroom Capers as Michael Mann Falls Foul Again
Media war of words erupts in anticipation of another global warming courtroom battle. We take time to see how latest events connected to Climategate’s controversial scientist Michael Mann stack up alongside Mann’s legal shoot out versus Dr. Tim Ball.

Last week Pennsylvania State University (PSU) popped back up on the notoriety radar thanks to lingering fallout over their jailed child sex felon, football coach Jerry Sandusky. PSU’s other alleged bad boy, climatologist Michael Mann, came out with all legal guns blazing after popular right-wing writer, Mark Steyn and the National Review wrote of the parallels in the “whitewashes” PSU investigations performed separately on Sandusky and Mann. The recent and hard-hitting Freeh Report is damning of PSU’s hierarchy.

Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli Versus the Judiciary of Virginia
There are a large number of people who knew from the beginning that this whole Anthropogenic Global Warming scare was bogus. The one thing the warmers and press all kept pointing to was the Hockey Stick Graph as an absolute confirmation of their claims. Unfortunately the only people who had access to the data as to how they arrived at these numbers were those who were part and parcel of the scare mongering. When asked why the data wasn't released for open peer review (which is the standard to show the science is accurate) they refused; stating they had worked on this for years and they weren't going to turn it over to people who just wanted to rip it apart. But that is what peer reviewers are supposed to do. That is what they have done forever. That is what peer review is all about. For them to make such a statement is a tacit acknowledgement that what they produced wasn’t science; and when the federal government forced them to release that material it was shown to be junk science.

What the Cuccinelli Climategate case really means
Don't waste your time reading the liberal press about this one. The Virginia Supreme Court issued a decision in the case in which Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli sought emails from the University of Virginia about Michael Mann's "hockey stick" graph, made famous by the Climategate fiasco. Cuccinelli issued a subpoena under the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act (FATA), which authorizes investigations of suspected fraud to obtain taxpayer money. The court ruled that Cuccinelli could not get the emails. But the decision was not about academic freedom or anything like it, although the liberal press would like you to believe that it was. In fact, the decision highlights one of the many ways that government is allowed to break the law. FATA allows the Attorney General to investigate suspected fraud used to obtain state funds. The Attorney General may issue a civil investigation demand, which is essentially a subpoena, to any "person" suspected of using fraud to obtain state funds. Any "person" includes any corporation. The University of Virginia is incorporated.....

This originally appeared here. I recommend following the links, especially the link dealing with the Mann’s legal issues. RK

When you murder someone the case is never closed. The same holds when you murder the truth. No matter how long it takes, truth is defended despite all the calumnies heaped on those who stand firm against the lies and the propaganda intended to persuade those who have been deceived.
Desperate Climate Scientists File Second Lawsuit Against Top Skeptic
Mann, the infamous creator of the now discredited ‘hockey stick’ graph was once the darling of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a tax hungry government funded organization that blames mankind for raising global temperatures by 0.7 degrees during the 20th Century. Now he is desperate to hit back at his critics with the help of Big Green's immense financial resources. Below we examine the shady background of Professor Mann and explain what Ball must do to defeat this latest legal challenge. The ascent of Mann

Climate Realists has an interesting article (see link below) that looks at the extraordinary rise to prominence of the hockeystickmeister, Michael Mann. This is one of the angles of the hockey stick story that is still something of a mystery - how did such an obscure scientist, one who had just completed his PhD, get to be lead author on the Third Assessment Report of the IPCC?

Headline Story: Did a Secret Climate Deal Launch the Hockey Stick Fakery? By John O’Sullivan, guest post at Climate Realists
…………."So what miracle turned this problematic researcher’s life around?
If miracles happened for Mann, they came in the form of Barry Saltzman. You see, this struggling student’s career was transformed the moment Saltzman became his Ph.D adviser. Only after Saltzman applied his influence were Mann’s lofty credentials “rushed through.” Mann then turned himself into a makeshift tree ring counter, and overnight became the iconic figure in the IPCC Third Report (2001). The rest is history, as they say."........If my name were Ken Cuccinelli I would want to chase down one or two grant and funding sources; with proof of collusion a case for fraud holds water. That's treble damages and Virginia’s taxpayers will be sitting $1.5 million better off plus expenses.

Academic freedom is not a license to commit fraud Carr and 809 other Virginia scientists and academics signed a petition launched by the activist Union of Concerned Scientists, protesting Commonwealth Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s investigation of former University of Virginia professor Michael Mann. The American Association of University Professors likewise opposes Cuccinelli, who is seeking documents from UVA, to determine whether there are grounds to prosecute Mann for violating the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act, by presenting false or misleading information in support of applications for state-funded research.

Carr claims Cuccinelli is attempting to “drown out” scientific debate.” Others have accused the AG of conducting a “witch hunt,” engaging in “McCarthyite” tactics, and “restricting academic freedom.”

A new hockeystick?
After years of headscratching, Michael Mann thinks he has finally devised a new set of statistical procedures that will revive his discredited "hockeystick" graph. An email about it from John A [] below:

Split Court Decision for Michael Mann in Global Warming Legal Battle
Virginia Supreme Court renders a verdict that permits continued suppression of evidence in the Michael Mann ‘hockey stick’ graph controversy – but only just. One dissenting judge scuppers the climatologist’s hopes of yet another global warming whitewash and skeptics remain upbeat…..

Harvard vs. University of Virginia…not even close!
I first discovered this at Greenie Watch and have since learned that his comments also appeared in the Letters to the Editor section of the Wall Street Journal on Friday, September 3, 2010. I would like to thank Dr. Battig for allowing me to reproduce his comments. He originally posted this on his site, Climate Reality
on August 31st, 2010. Dr. Bettig has strong views regarding the need for scientific integrity and has posted other comments regarding this particular issue in an article titled, Why is UVa Hiding M.Mann Behind a Legal Smoke Screen? (published in the Charlottesville “THE HOOK” on June 24, 2010.) RK

Scandal and Insanity at Penn State
In a repeat of Copenhagen, on the eve of the Durban climate change gabfest, someone released another horde of emails from alarmist climate researchers, including Dr. Michael Mann, whose infamous “hockey stick” was headlined in the 2001 IPCC report to justify the Kyoto agreement and demands that nations slash fossil fuel use and economic growth.

Meanwhile, back on Dr. Mann’s campus, Pennsylvania State University was confronting the sordid Jerry Sandusky affair. Sports Illustrated summarized the Augean Stables task in an article titled “Missteps at every turn: Efforts to clean up Penn State reveal how deep the institutional problems lie.”

These Posts are from 2008.  I will be upgrading this sheet as I complete each year.

A new hockeystick?
Sunday, September 7, 2008 lifted with permission from Greenie Watch
After years of headscratching, Michael Mann thinks he has finally devised a new set of statistical procedures that will revive his discredited "hockeystick" graph. An email about it from John A [] below:

The BBC in their traditional position of custodian of climate science orthodoxy, have
announced that Michael Mann has produced yet another Hockey Stick:
A new study by climate scientists behind the controversial 1998 "hockey stick" graph suggests their earlier analysis was broadly correct. Michael Mann's team analysed data for the last 2,000 years, and concluded that Northern Hemisphere temperatures now are "anomalously warm".
Yep, all the omens are good.
In their latest study, Dr Mann's group collated more than 1,200 proxy records - the majority from the Northern Hemisphere - and used different statistical methods to analyse their cumulative message. We used two different methods that are quite complementary in the assumptions they make about data, so that provides a test of the sensitivity of data to the methods used," he told BBC News. "We also made use of a far wider network of proxy data than previously available. "Ten years ago, the availability of data became quite sparse by the time you got back to 1,000 AD, and what we had then was weighted towards tree-ring data; but now you can go back 1,300 years without using tree-ring data at all and still get a verifiable conclusion."
Of course Dr Mann made this claim of robustness to the removal of dendroclimatic records last time, which turned out to be a flat out lie: The Hockey Stick shape disappeared when the bristlecone pines of Western Colorado were removed as Mann himself knows because he tested for their removal and then failed to report that salient and inconvenient truth (ie the CENSORED directories).




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